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Workshop: The FIVE Discussion Thumbnail

Workshop: The FIVE Discussion

If you have ever wondered:

  • Am I prepared for retirement?
  • Can I afford to retire?
  • How can I plan for my financial future?
  • Do I have the right investment portfolio?

...please join us at

The FIVE Discussion

Grace Wealth will teach the five essential actions to prepare for your ideal retirement plan in our workshop designed to:

  • Boost your knowledge of personal pension plans.
  • Increase your understanding of government pension plans and saving vehicles.
  • Get you comfortable with investment strategies.
  • Help you to be confident, ensuring your financial future.
  • Contemplate and plan for your physical and mental wellness in retirement.

This workshop suits Professionals, and business owners, who are considering selling their business, people within five years of retirement, and with over $750K in investable assets. 


Admission is five (5) seats per session.
Cost: free of charge

Please register below.